The will to total changes is alive in the society

8 / 2018     RU / EN
The will to total changes is alive in the society
Vasily Pavlovich Goch Doctor of Biological and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Science in Modern Linguistics, Professor, Honorary Professor at the International University of Vienna, full member of eight Academies of Sciences
Considering that 2018 was the year of elections in Russia and of real passions on the international arena, it is time to talk about the organization of the New Society in the light of the Theory of Causality.

LT: Vasily Pavlovich, why the modern society, in general, cannot achieve a qualitative new level of development despite the huge variety of training and educational programs including those regarding the spiritual growth?

VASILY GOCH: The problem is that many people prefer to develop mostly their own managerial skills while the spiritual underdevelopment of those who try to conquer ‘new heights’ can get by without in other areas without the needed preparation.
Another issue is the fact that the modern man just doesn’t realize how free he really is in choosing his own Life Path. In my book ‘Rules of Totality’ the concept of freedom is understood as (neither more nor less than) ‘the actualization of God's craftsmanship’. Not a single man nowadays is aware of how wide the range of his possibilities really is.
If someone had told me at the time that I would write 120 books, I would have never believed it. But the circumstances and, specifically, a peptic ulcer presented me with the dilemma of how to go on living at the age of 40: looking like an old man waiting for his own unfortunate fate or looking for a new path? I chose the second option and step by step, bit by bit, I came up with the Theory of Causality by combining my experiencing the world and my personal scientific knowledge that eventually became the foundation of the Methodology of Totality and the new total Non-Classical science. During this process of creating I solved all my health issues and discovered new talents. Now I can notice similar changes in my apprentices: once taken the path of transformation they really start living the life that has been created by the Creator himself. Therefore, if we want to see qualitative changes in the social order we need to understand that neither an overseas partner nor a superior can improve our life but ourselves.

It would seem everything is very simple, but not all can make the first conscious step? What to begin with?

First of all, accepting yourself as image of the Creator and taking responsibility for your own life. The second step must be the accepting the fact that life is continuously transforming. And, to make sure that life will not change for worse, we need to become its organizer: it is necessary to give up the habit of ‘drifting’ since the natural course has the ability to change as well, and not always in the direction we need. Than we need to acknowledge that taking responsibility for one’s own life, one has to take the responsibility also for those who are around considering that it is very hard to make the journey alone. It follows the fact that, working in society, men don’t have the right neither to conceal nor to withhold nor hide their new knowledge since the will toward total transformation is spread among the entire population, and only those who have joined together can build a strong will for reaching that new qualitative level you are talking about.

In your opinion, can we count on such a creative union of people in our country?

In Russia, such a rebirth of society is already happening and this process, obviously, is bothering other countries.

And what evidence do you see to this?

The presidential elections that took place this year in march have become an exit to a higher level of being. It may have seemed they were usual elections, the same we are all used to, but, first of all, they have united the nation. Remember how people completely different from each other were saying that Sunday ‘It’s a strange day, it almost seems like a holiday’. That rare unanimity that people were showing was like a tulip that has grown from the bulb and thrown away all the chaff. For chaff I mean all the challenges that our country had to face, and the very same one preserved its will, resilience and incredible spiritual potential. Any power is forged by overcoming difficulties and Russia is a prime example of it. Of course, Russian mentality has its paradoxes. For instance, in those who were born and raised in USSR (me included) aspects of sufferance and irresponsibility have a bizarre way of combining with each other. These things cannot be thrown away, they can just be gradually transformed along the way while growing into a ‘new man’, free and interactive with the society, aspiring to restore the order. During the past years, though, the so-called ‘liberal democracy’ has been impeding it and the results of it have been partially woven into our mentality.
The narrow-minded thinking and the incomprehension of human freedom, the adoration of the golden calf: these are all signs of disbelief and degradation, which can be attributed to the last times. I am sure that Russia can get rid of them and discover its spiritual and creative potential by focusing on different values.

How fast can this happen?

I think that in our generation frame this changeover must come true. I cannot say that it will happen easily, such a transformation is difficult for common people. We already see how uncurable diseases proliferate despite the colossal development of medical technologies. This is a sign that the global setting of the world’s transformation to a new level is affecting people.

Can we make it painless?

Of course, but in order to do that we have to fill the education gaps that characterize people today. Without an adequate education a person is literally blind, cannot see his own path. Furthermore, the disruptive elements still remaining in our mentality exert an enormous inertial force that needs to be respected. It is necessary a serious internal work to overcome it: people have to be spiritually mature. So, for instance, through the comprehension of the Methodology of Totality in the School of Causality: at first, people learn the basics creating the foundation for the knowledge, then it needs time to acknowledge this foundation, in 2/3 months a neural network is established and puts in connection the new knowledge with the biological processes in the organism. After the laps of 3 months, people reach a new level of awareness where they discover an entirely new ‘protocol’ of being compared to the one they were used to. They begin to understand that corruption, violation of the law, unfair labour practises cost them too much. This is necessary to actually be responsible for what they received and to make it perfect. Right now, a very powerful spiritual growth is happening to people and the mere presence of their creative potential is already starting to harmonize every part of their life without affecting those who are around them.

How does it apply to business, for example?

Let’s think, at the expense of what a business realizes most of the income today? At the expense of industrial development, innovation of the offer and its own superiority on the concurrency, and so on. At the foundation of making earnings there must be a quality standard for the produced item and a level of expertise for the workers. A good expert works always in a kind of detached state without affecting negatively the product: he always tries to make his work the best he can. If all the company’s employees relate to the industrial process this way, we will have products and services that will excel on their analogues and, therefore, be more valued.

Could you give us a real example?

For example, my own business. I don’t oblige anyone to do anything. All my employees are free in their artwork. In this way my own expertise gets continuously better. If I see that one or another employee reached a certain level of development, I show him a new direction. For example, my latest book ‘Total theory of the Cause’ was written in collaboration with one of my assistance, Ilija Krichmara, and the book ‘Secret Game’ with Sergey Shirjaev. Using my know-how through my own co-authors like from a window, I observe what needs to be explored and they cooperate with me in this process as specialists. This technology of spiritual growth, despite the total freedom of people in it, is a protocol of his own kind resulting from the encounter of Time and events in the special dimension. You bring a man to the beginning of his own Path where it stands the same cause you are taking part to. When you do it together, in this person appears faith toward the rightness of this Path and a new phase begins: a phase of self-knowledge and self-improvement.

In this case, what serves as a guideline that the path chosen is the right one? How to understand if a man and the society as a whole are on the right way? How to understand if the knowledge achieved serves Right or Wrong?

A musician of the Belgian symphonic orchestra was somehow complaining that the audience grew ugly: they didn’t switch off their phones, they were talking during the concerts, some of them were listening to classical music eating sandwiches and nuts, and the musicians were obliged to represent their high mastery in front of it. So, I suggested him to play not for the audience but for God. The audience was surprised and humbled at the sight of Divine… If everyone of us will do everything as if God himself will receive it, many problematic moments will fade by themselves. Furthermore, if the person is at the head of a commercial organization or any other collective he will start to gradually change the surroundings with his state through a general participation and cognition. The main criteria of the Path is the contribution to Life since in the Bible is told: ‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living’ (Mark 12:26–27). And in our ‘Book about Dao’s Journey’ (co-authored with Valerij Dvorzov) is said: ‘through death you will hardly stay alive. Clutching a braid, you will hardly remain with full hands’. Another important quality of the Knowledge that has within itself the Truth is not being able to serve the Evil:Does a spring pour out sweet and bitter water from the same opening?’ (James 3:11).

And if we don’t talk about a certain collective but about the whole nation? Is it possible to raise the entire country to a new level through the right attitude of a leader? Here I would specify how it has to practically proceed the construction of the new structure of the government. Who’s the first who has to take the responsibility? How must be manifested this responsibility? How to understand who among the new leaders pursues noble goals and who the wrong ones?

Since it takes quite a long time for the government to emerge, that process takes a certain time too. But now it is time for our nation to rise not just through the single leaders, but also through the common people. There is the concept of the event horizon according to which the nature of all things is connected in an invisible infinity and now the society is making a transition through this event horizon under the guidance of a leader. According to the historical development we emphasize two ways for building the public structures: evolutionary or revolutionary. The evolutionary way by itself is the way of developing the welfare in all its aspects, his phases are peaceful and bring with them the ancestors’ Victory and achievement so that the main lessons of the History would not be forgotten. Every revolution has prejudged the development of society. The nobility of purpose is verified by serving: what a man serves, the Mammon (money) or the nation.

Right there, I would ask how to form the mentality of the leaders’ beliefs (in politic, in business) that first will lead the society following the methodology of Totality?

First of all, the leaders’ mentality is formed by people’s mentality and Time where the leader’s task and mission are engraved. Thereafter, comes into play the Knowledge (with the capital letter) that is going to learn the wisdom of leader and people. Such wisdom is in the Russian popular fairy tales and a child receives it with his mother’s milk. The Methodology of Totality is a New Knowledge with the aid of which the future forms itself as an independent entity, just like the entire population. Who will possess such knowledge, will also provide the society with an authentic development, and this model of development will be attractive.

In our last question we could mention the practical meaning of the Theory of Causality: all his functions that can help us go through the event horizon. For example, how the methodology of Totality can help to avoid the human-induced disasters and diseases, to improve the ecological situation, to build new industries, to change the approach to education and medicine. In other words, can we draw a kind of picture of the world with the prism of the Theory of Causality with concrete examples of life resettlement?

The practical application of the Theory of Causality:
• The nation’s recovery. Economise national resources in the health care system: people in possession of the methodology of Causality are healthier and rarely go to doctors
• The emerging of a New Man, a Man-Creator, in whom implicitly exist the ability to create something new, to accept his creative Potential and bring it to Life.
• The development of consciousness as social instrument. Implementation of the principle of mass cooperation.
• The disclosure of the cause as serving that becomes a sacred Source, while the Man is the carrier of this blessing.
• The solution of ecological problems, the recovery of the nature’s ecology. The harmonization of roads’ problematic sections and geopathogenic zones.
Results of the methodology of Casualty:
• New knowledge: foundation of the future, allows to see the depth of its own existence and the processes in it.
• Welfare: harmonization of its own existence and the surrounding life.
• Health: possible restitution of lost time.
• Talents: disclosure of enshrined talents and generation of new ones.
Examples of life’s resettlement:
The calculations made with the method of Bioimpedance analysis have showed that working in the Cause for 18 minutes applying Goch’s Method was released an energy equal to 2700 calories (11400 kilojoule), which is equivalent to the temperature of 8,19•1029 K or the power of Р = 10555,5 W, and the equivalent to the energy necessary to: uplift a mass of 1170 tons at the height of 1 m, heat 2,7 tons of water of 1 C, produce an electric current of 58 A at the incandescing power of 60 W in 18 minutes (at 33% efficiency of a power supply apparatus). The organism’s biological growth has decreased of 0,74–1,016 years depending on the chosen calculation method.
In usual conditions these changes can take place within some weeks and months, in doing so with the necessary combination of events changing diet and water consumption, increasing physical activities, taking different medicines and biological supplements.

Vasily Pavlovich Goch

Doctor of Biological and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Science in Modern Linguistics, Professor, Honorary Professor at the International University of Vienna, Honorary Doctor of the International University of French-speaking (Brussels-Geneva), full member of eight Academies of Sciences.

Laureate of International Prizes:

• United Europe (EVA, 2010);
• «International award for Socrates» (2012).
• «For professional skills» (St. Petersburg, 2011).
• «Unity and success» (Moscow, 2016).
• «The height of success» (Moscow, 2017).

Laureate of National Prizes:

• «The Elite of Russian Education» nominated «For Outstanding Contribution to the Spiritual Revival of the Nation» (2008).
• Russian Honorary Award «Manager of the Year» (2016).
• «Businessman of honor» (2016).
• «Business Leader» (2017).

Working in the industry for 30 years.

Awards of international exhibitions regarding innovation, research and new technologies in Brussels, Budapest, Geneva, Seoul and other world centers:
9 Grand Prix
278 gold, 66 silver and 44 bronze medals
73 Special prizes

Blood research at the darkfield microscope
left – before working on the Cause, right – after V. P. Goch’s work

Another example of the application of the Theory of Causalty in the society is the experimental research regarding children’s spiritual and moral education conducted in an orphanage from 1998 to 2000. The authorial program was developed on the basis of the patent for invention of the Russian Federation N. 2134130 (Goch V. P.) The sample group included 59 children aged 3-17.

Results of the authorial program of V. P. Goch about children’s spiritual and moral education conducted in the orphanage of the city N from 1998 to 2000:

Positive changes of children’s personal qualities, development of the emotional sphere:

• Arbitrary regulation of action.
• Awareness of their own behaviour.
• Adequate self-esteem.
• Emotional stability.
• Self-reliance.
• Decreased fear of darkness, aggressivity, anxiety.

Positive dynamic in the children’s psychological development, increase of the cognitive processes’ performances:

• All kinds of thought.
• Creative abilities.
• Increase of memory.
• Concentration and sharing of attention.
• The quality of the academic performance raised of 14%. All students got promoted to the next class.

Indicators of illness have decreased

• Acute respiratory infections of the 75%
• Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency of the 10%
• Neurosis of the 10%
• Vegeto-vascular dystonia of puberty of the 8%
• Cardiomyopathy functions of puberty of the 14%

It wasт pointed out a sharp reduction in the frequency of drug-addiction and narcomania, asocial behaviour.