Horizons of victory

5 / 2019     RU / EN
Horizons of victory
Anna Sergeyeva psychologist, PhD, author of creative development in the sphere of Ethics, Aesthetics and Philosophy, a teacher at “School of Theory of Causality” by V. P. Goch
What the term of steady leadership means and if you can always feel confident.

LT: Anna, how did your spiritual search begin?

ANNA SERGEEVA: It seems to me that I am a born “philosopher” (smiles). The world around us has been always full of sensations, events and connections for me, in which I have always tried to look for some rationalities and patterns. Even being at pre-school age I was curious to ask myself a question “why even very kind nice and decent people experience big failures in their lives”, and why a happy and harmonious family face troubles in relationships?. Christianity has provided me with answers to a lot of questions: I have been attending church since my childhood, and quite often I have held conversations with priests on spiritual topics, themes and thoughts. The older I got and the more I studied different religions, not only Christianity, but other traditional beliefs as well, I discovered other spheres of knowledge for myself, such as History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology and even Esoteric. I have come across different interpretations of such subjects as “love”, “happiness”, “well-being”, but could not find a key that could turn the human’s view into constant and steady development and sensation of happiness, not considering happiness as the matter of lucky chance.

Why was it not enough for you to believe in a lucky chance?

I think because I have always been mathematically oriented and being a keen observer I am used to observe and consider every object as a system. I have no doubts that happiness exists as a live phenomenon which is a result of our harmonious actions and it works as a complex of cause-and-effect relations. However, it took me long to realise and form this thought inside me. And in 1997 I first got acquainted with one of the works by Vasiliy Pavlovitch Goch on his Philosophy of Causality. I remember how deeply I was moved by this book, and I started looking forward to studying this teaching, it opened the doors of new knowledge for me.It was a combination of knowledge about humanity and its aspects. The most complicated concepts, theories and teachings got clearer and obvious issues, as all genius things are, and it opened new horizons of cognition in front of me. I started studying reasons for the phenomena and step by step started to understand how the events from our past influence our present and future. The natural insight was the feeling that man is the master and creator of his own destiny, and all possibilities to change lies within us. The secret lies in the fact that it is human conscience that is key to change the course of events in one’s life. Every person must realise the enormous potential present with in him and programmed by the Creator. This incredible task demands and requires one’s initiative along with responsibility. Now a days, human must not only enjoy good but must unlock his potential, his good and be a grace to the world and still being socially-adaptive and adequate to the modern society as well. It’s time to change the world but change begins from self. Choice of spiritual development and responsibility will encourage us to be a part of this social environment doing good things, but one must not get dissolved in it and live not only for it. We should learn to be present inside and outside at the same time (omnipresent) — that is what is called subtlety of philosophy. By studying Philosophy of Cognition I am learning to see what steps I should take on my Way. And of course, I can feel my professional growth and growth as a person in an absolutely new way, for which I am immensely grateful to Vasiliy Pavlovitch Goch.

In which sphere of life do you implement your knowledge?

Being a specialist in Pedagogics and Psychology, I pay much attention to ethics of human relationship and the world around him. Being an author of the book “Ethics of Inner and Outer Movement”, I deliver lectures and seminars, which are based on the Philosophy of Cognition and which are in demand in Russia. Besides, I have had a privilege of sharing my thoughts and deliver lectures in India and Italy, and now there is a request for organising seminars in Spain and Malta. Application of knowledge of Philosophy of Totality by V. P. Goch in my professional sphere helps me to notice this study helps people to see full but more clear and detailed picture of life. In the beginning, it is easier to explain things through the topics of ethics of relationships. in the end It is an acceptance and understanding of Causality that gives people hope to change their lives. This is an essential aspect which differentiates Philosophy of Causality from traditional philosophy as such. One can say that it is not philosophy for philosophy itself but philosophy of Human life, for life transformation, which reflects all processes of Totality into WHOLE. There are no little things in life. We have to accept it.

These days it is the Time when Humanity must admit that spirituality is the basic fundamental to one’s true success. One who not only consumes but creates and who stands as a “guarantor of harmonious evolution of society”

A few years ago I participated in a conference on this theme with renowned personalities and respectable Philosophers in Chandigarh, state of Punjab, India. It is pleasure to remember how those honourable elderly people were surprised by my age and the topics I discussed with them. It was an opening for them that young and socially active people are interested in philosophy, and practice terms of Karma and Causality in their professional activities in Russia. Eight famous Indian editions published the conference, which was moment of victory and achievement for me. It reflected that there is a source of knowledge in Russia, and this new Philosophy of Totality awakens the world of Humanity to creativity.

Can you explain how this knowledge is applicable to the sphere of your professional activity, such as Ethics?

In this case it is a combination of skills which allows to create beauty in every sphere of our life, beginning with thinking, which in turn leads to a creative initiative in one and harmonise relationships with the nearest and ones being. It is surprising but very often small changes lead to great effects in human’s life and these little things/thoughts may pave the path to bigger success or failure for example, the presence of a lot of sharp objects in a house, some aggressive prints on clothes, harsh gestures, rude words “break” time, overload space and may lead to difficult situations in life. It is important to understand that it requires more efforts to reach success for a person who lives at “low vibration”, even if they one possesses extraordinary talents. On the contrary, a person who is in a serene state of mind finds better solutions and goes through all hard life situations much smoother. Besides, they emanate this serene mood into outer world and become a live Harmoniser to an outer space, a kind of peculiar pinpoint on the Way.

Can we assume that such people tend to become leaders?

I would have liked to say so, but to be able to form the image of a leader it was necessary to reach a new height in understanding the purpose of our being and the kind of a person we propose to the world? Nowadays, we can notice the formation of image of a new leader, who is not just “ringleader”, but a kind of a guide and mentor, who can find his way because he can assimilate what’s happening around him into a uniform picture. For me, a leader is a tutor, a star-person for people around, who knows the way and perfections it and even resembles a a “new Way” when its the call of time.For such a person a world is not something hostile, where they are struggling to survive, to earn some money and build their own house-fortress, but a space, where a person should serves one’s purpose as a natural phenomenon by paying their gratitude to the humankind, which in turn has evolved hard for centuries for us to be able to live as we are. This gratefulness is expressed in the form of responsibility in modern society and without which one’s true leadership is absolutely impossible. As well as it can not be imagined without the ability to forgive and let offences and pain of betrayal vanish without traces. These days people who bear sorrows and hardness of their labour are of no interest to others. Such image is perceived as a weak one. Health, adequacy, abundance, mental flexibility, creativity and realisation in a society is a demand among the youth. I, for example, can see that people are interested in the theme of steady leadership, when a person wins not just once (become a manager of a company, a great state worker, popular artist), but wins constantly and transfers and transmits the energy around them all the time by opening new and new horizons of development. Winner is not a fighter but a creator of the essence of the truth.

What do you recommend to the people who want to achieve such steady success?

To wake up and start living, urge to move forward, to know life, to feel life and create some positive events emerging from just simple actions, like to be able to be the master of one’s mood, it sound simple but its very difficult to be master of your own mood as we react emotionally to developments around us — this is the first step to form steady well-being. A person’s well-being is not only material based but is a result of a person’s victory over their own illiteracy and broken spirits as well.

Can people learn this skill at your seminars?

It is one of the basic topics and it is important to note that we do not give ready-made “framed” patterns, in contrary to what is taught at usual and traditional training courses. People have themselves begun to realize that life doesn’t treat a ready-made “well-trained” decision as the lesson taught. Life shows that only conscious knowledge leads to steady development and implementation of potential which in turn lead the way to new Coast of Happiness. Philosophy, which is accepted by consciousness, deals with remelting of inner tunes of a person, which as a result leads to a creation of a new Melody of their lives. In other words, with the help of knowledge about Harmony, Beauty, Spirit and Creativity we make a platform of possibility to harmonize our Being. It is a paradox that in fact a human being has to learn to be a Human Being. To become and grow a s a new person who is of interest and an excitement to the world and The Creator. As it’s usually assumed that we are of interest and visible to skies if we are generators of ideas, eager to change, are creative and love — all these taken together is our Victories. “Feeling of Victory” is essential for a person as it is the nature of his Way, which demands realisation of one’s potential as a leader. Man opens the Way, and Woman transforms. Of course, this feeling is important for a woman too, who not only performs the role of a mother, a wife but carries the mission of a leader as well. During our lectures and seminars we explain how a woman can develop her organizational and leadership qualities where in preserving her natural essence of being “element of life”, so that a woman shall not have to pay price for her success in business by neglecting her personal happiness or vice versa, to say no to her career for the sake of her family. We can see and adore some real world leaders who have been on top of social life for many and their family and social relationships are as harmonious as their businesses.

There exists an opinion that it is hard for one to find a partner at par with strong personality and strong leadership qualities one possesses, Can you please comment on this?

Life of a responsible leader is full of vibrations of creativity, love and will, so such person cannot be single or alone, without a partner but only if he himself has decided to be alone/single. But for majority of people it is just a self created excuse and those for some reason have isolated themselves from the “Ocean of life” as a life with a partner is full of interactions and changes. Of course, there are some people of higher Level, who are Oceans among selves! Everything they need is just God! And it makes no difference to them if they live as a couple or not. But on the whole, people need to look for love, for a match without and preset conditions to the Heaven, as we often put conditions and demand or look for some definite situation, flat, position and partner, who will be playing by our rules.

The game itself, which we can observe in the world, is examining people, community against stability, and first of all, spiritual one, because there is a little hope on material aspects only

This moment, by the way, refers not only to such issues as love and family. People often feel sad and disappointed because of mismatch between perceived and achieved thereby failing to notice that real life gives much more than expected. This very ungratefulness prevents them from finding the way of steady happiness. That is why I especially recommend women to specify their wishes not with the words “I want”, but with the words “I would like”, always leaving some space for a pleasant surprise from the universe.

Perhaps, was there any irrational element in your meeting with your husband as well?

It is a secret. I can only say that we met as two formed planets, but he is bigger than me! Of course, this meeting has been fateful but irrational since that moment. I have never wanted to be in an international marriage and of course could never assume that he would be from far-away India. I would just like to say that it is impossible to fail to recognize your person. I believe that in our marriage we support each other, spiritually, mutually and un conditionally. Harinder is better oriented in social and materialistic aspects of life subtle material. I am happy that my husband studyies and accepts Philosophy of Totality by Vasiliy Pavlovitch, he reads his new books with great interest. He applies this knowledge in his professional sphere which is connected with international relationships, by the way, as well as my mother, Svetlana Vasilyevna Serova, who always shines with some creative ideas and has been the manager of the study centre of Philosophy of Cognition in Novosibirsk, and who applies this knowledge to the sphere of Hobbies and Pedagogics. A lot of specialists from our school use the Knowledge in their professional spheres.

What kind of people attend your lectures more often?

People are from various fields of life. There are business men who have reached heights in their respective fields of activity and are still interested in reaching new horizons (smiling). They are artistic people who wish their talent to be steadily developing with the time. Although there is no multi-purpose “success pill”, there is common philosophy which orientates a person for continuous development irrespective of their status, profession or nationality is. That what the Victory is.

Can anybody reach it?

Fact is that Victory belongs to a Victor, it belongs to one who has taken a decision to move ahead and win and on the other hand by taking a decision, accepts the responsibility of decision taken. He is an Honour in front of the Heaven, and there is no other way to think about it. These days it is the Time when Humanity must admit that spirituality is the basic fundamental to one’s true success. One who not only consumes but creates and who stands as a “guarantor of harmonious evolution of society”. The game itself, which we can observe in the world, is examining people, community against stability, and first of all, spiritual one, because there is a little hope on material aspects only. If we fail to pick up the right Priorities, we will end up with leaders who are eager to play only materially-orientated game and which in the end is lost by “materially-orientated players”, who fail to serve world and Life. A demand is regenerated for search of Truth and the path of Winner, the person who has learnt not only to live under certain conditions but has learnt to create in any circumstances, thereby understanding the responsibility in front of God! The world has split into two groups, the ones who Accept the Higher Being and those who try to rule by suppressing evolution for the sake of their profit. But we should understand that when the Sunrise of human consciousness diminishes darkness. We can see that Mankind needs True landmarks for True evolution and Victorious Leaders who Open New Horizons in Life!
“Life perceives Itself through a person!” (V. P. Goch)