Subconscious can do anything!

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Subconscious can do anything!
Svetlana Naumova a clinic psychologist, a systemic family therapist, a publicist, a coach and the author of Art My Way which is a psychological programme for adults and children, an official partner of Super Ego company and a distributor of Master Kit, which is a self-regulation technique
How to transform a wish into a goal, and make a goal come true?

LT: Wish is something which is everybody get excited about. A lot of various rituals, marathons and other techniques which help us make our dreams come true are designed for this purpose. What is the right way to send an «enquiery to space» in order to implement the plan?

SVETLANA NAUMOVA: Wish is a person´s cherished goal, an image of their future. When forming an image of what we dream of, we actually create some sort of a programme, which in its turn forms reality. Even back in time, our ancestors were aware of the fact that the more conscious person’s intentions are the more chances he has to make his dreams come true. Little has changed since then: most of modern psycho-techniques are aimed at identifying true desires of a person and their clear statement. All techniques, which you know, work well, but depth of approach and efficiency in each is different. It is important for me that each of my clients reaches their goals quickly and was happy with results, so I find it necessary to combine the proven methods with innovative products of IT-technologies. One of them is Master Kit, a self-regulation technique by Darya Trutneva.

What are advantages of Master Kit technique?

First of all, it´s convenient. Training videos, 14 self-regulation simulators and a support team — all these resources are packed into the Master Kit mobile app. I´d been longing for such instrument for a long time since my clients live in different parts of the planet and sometimes, due to a big difference in time, we had difficulty in arranging the time for our next consultancy session. Now between these consultancy sessions, they can independently work out on their goals and settings using the app. When it comes to some more complicated issues, we deal with them together. Thus, Master Kit perfectly fits into my practice and allows me to significantly expand its boundaries. This technique erases not only time-zone problems and distance boundaries, but also language ones as there is a version of the app in English.
Secondly, this program works with goals very well. Master Kit app is installed in my phone and I use it every day. It structures the process of thinking, liberates the mind from cognitive “stuff”. As a result, everything planned comes to life! Sometimes there is a feeling that I have a powerful Genie on my service, in order to make a wish you don“t need to  rub an ancient lamp, but your smartphone (smiles).

There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, isn´t there?

Absolutely. I would say even more, they have got interested in the development of Super ego company in Oxford. A scientific curator of Daria Trutneva is Michael Nobel from Nobel Institute. Constant research is carried out by the research Institute of self regulation in Kazan. The program successfully works with limiting beliefs, release us from fears and guilt. And the most valuable thing is that it helps to detect not only those barriers, the presence of which we somehow guess ourselves, but also those that are hidden from us deeply in our subconscious. And then transform the negative attitude into a positive belief. Thus, Master Kit sequentially leads a person along the path of transformation, clearing the path to the realization of the goal.

And in reality, does human behavior also change?

Of course. If a person believes that his goal is achievable, then all his actions are subconsciously directed to achieving the result. You, probably, have heard that dreams need not only to be pronounced but also written down? What is written with a pen, you can not cut down with an axe – this folk proverb has a scientific confirmation. The fact is that it is often not enough for our brain just to imagine what you want. You need to work out a goal through the fine motor skills of hands and include other analyzers, such as visual and auditory to involve as many parts of the brain as possible and to activate the sensing system as much as possible. Master Kit allows you to do this, and the results, which users of the program achieve, inspire me.

Does this technique help to realize only material wishes or is it also aimed at spiritual development?

Master Kit teaches you to set goals in four basic areas: finance, relationships, health and life mission – because only harmony in all those spheres of life makes a person truly happy. As practice shows material well-being always needs deep work on yourself. I constantly find confirmation of this. Among my clients there are people who have achieved significant success in business, science, art. Issues of spirituality and life mission are very relevant for them. The maximum package called “Quantum leap” (1-5 level) is especially attractive for them. And for those who want to learn a new positive way of thinking there has been developed a basic package of simulators called “Management of Reality” (level 1.2).

As soon as it comes to spiritual transformation, in our mind we immediately get some images of deep meditation somewhere in the countryside or something like that. Is it possible to use Master Kit while in the flow of everyday routine?

It all depends on how deep a person´s consciousness is and on his ability of working with his own thoughts. I use Master Kit even while having my morning coffee, structuring my wishes daily. But even if a person does not have any experience in transformation of plans, there are special training videos, supporting groups and personal assistants to help. The program is simple and easy to use. My eldest daughter already uses Master Kit, and the youngest wants to get a simulator as a gift for New Year. I am happy that my children at their young age are able to determine correctly their goals related to their education and career choice and achieve them, feeling free from fears and doubts that once haunted many of us: “what will people say”, “I have no ability and will not cope”, “it is impossible”. Everything is possible!

And is it not necessary to overcome difficulties on the way to happiness in order that this happiness might be deserved?

«No pain no gain»; “to earn a lot you need to work hard, sacrificing your health and family life” and so on. These are all limiting beliefs! The way to a cherished goal is not through difficulties, but through your belief in success and particular actions. And let this path be pleasant, fascinating, inspiring! My clients live in the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Israel, Portugal, Czech Republic. It might seem: another language, another mentality, another culture — a lot of “buts”, which fortunately, I have managed to free my consciousness from. As a result, the geography of my practice is rapidly expanding and opens up new opportunities for the implementation of the projects at the international level.

Does this technique always require support of a specialist or you can work with it yourself?

First of all, Master Kit is a simulator for self-regulation and it is possible and necessary to work with it yourself. Personally, I think this is one of the effective “tools” which increases consciousness and responsibility of a person for what happens in his life, which is successfully integrated into work of a psychologist or a coach. It is a pleasant mission to help people implement their plans in real life!

Do you like feeling like a fairy who can make wishes come true?

In my opinion, psychology is a prototype of a good magic, which in fairy tales helps a person find his happiness. I feel quite close to an image of a fairy godmother, thanks to whom Cinderella has found wealth and love. Just think, she didn’t have to choose between the two. To make a choice means to refuse something. And why should you refuse, if you can give love to family, be professional and realize your talents easily and with pleasure? On the other hand, there are people who do not want to deal with business and see their life mission in caring for children and home comfort. Well, this is also fine – all true desires are for good and are worthy of respect. Set goals, believe in yourself! There are all possibilities and resources in the world, to make all your wishes come true!

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