A human being it’s time to take off

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A human being
Anna Sergeeva teacher, philosopher

«It is only the mind of a human being, which can unite the Heaven, the Earth, the Universe, and the Soul, as the mind combines the whole sum of things into one!» With these words of Anna Petrovna Sergeyeva we reveal the world of the New Human-oriented Philosophy, which helps us update the co-creation logic of the mankind development as an integrated and living system. From this point of view we realize that we have left behind the level of homo sapiens already and it is no longer enough to be an object of a human. It is time to be manifested as a phenomenon. What can help us?


    Russians keep making efforts to transform themselves and the others from the human-like state into humanness!
А. Dumas

The answer is between the lines

‘Change – transformation’. This is how we normally describe the conventional order of actions, which in philosophy is called a process. Each stage of this sequence is self-sufficient and complete. It is the process organizer’s will to finalize it after each stage. The official evolution theory finalized the human development long ago – homo sapiens appeared three hundred thousand years ago and… that’s all. And even now, do we see anything radically new in terms of evolution? Aspiration for the extreme rationality, as our experience shows, brings us nowhere. Now we must replace the full stop by three dots. Humans should be able not just to change. They should have the ability to transfiguration striving for the evolution and upgrade of their Mind and of their Consciousness instead of turning to ‘transformers-superhumans’. The philosophy of Totality suggests looking at the human development not just locally, as a process. It should be seen as procedurality, as a characteristic and ability of something to change continuously and uninterruptedly over time. Uninterrupted motion is a key super-characteristic of any object of Creation. This is how the Human Race matures; time has come for us, humans, to become more than a thinking being, but a mindful and wise being.
Everything around us in the society we see as a crisis is exactly the sign of the seeds of the new world ready to germinate and it is the sign of those three dots we mentioned before. All seeds must germinate first. It’s perhaps for the first time in our history when we are about to manifest our true nature, which is to become the mindful participant of Creation. Co-Participation is happiness and the peak in the interaction between man and creation. But who needs happy wanderers within the current system? The nature of happiness is so irrational and impossible to calculate that, of course, joy and happiness are невыгодна for those who dared to declare the ‘new world order’, as if they really know what is coming or prepare it themselves. They who play Gods did not take into consideration that irrational emptiness between the lines and digits. They failed to consider that any scenario based on mathematics can be reduced to nothing within seconds coming across the true eyes of the Human Consciousness, which is supported by the emptiness, the air between the lines. Right now we can find the secret way using the paradox. In our fairy tales it is possible to create a silk carpet within a night, with a whole kingdom ‘with cities and villages, with mountains and forests, with rivers and lakes’ or to find a deserted island and build a city with golden churches and holy monasteries, to go over the magic bridge and come back alive... Once our opponents announce the coming of a ‘superhuman’ perfected by means of biotechnologies, we need to defend the figure of a Humane Human, born from a mother and a father on our planet Earth. It is not enough just to hope for the God. We must protect the God within us, within our mind, declaring our right to rise up as a Human!

A moment before birth

The singularity of the first ten years of the new century was the moment we comprehended the secret transition point in Russia. It was when Russia started its resurrection and getting out of slavery. Yes, it was the point, when everything started to be finally resolved – to break free, but to be annihilated first. The world demonstrated that transition even before the millennium, however, in our physical world we started to feel this critical tension somewhat later. We still see dark clouds in the sky, but we already feel it is the darkest hour before dawn. We still have to change, transform and revive a lot. We are to declare our new borders. The system of human values and the figure of a humane human should be put in the forefront, but not the artificial intelligence as a savior of the evolution. Those who produced an army of cyborgs or sent a mission to Mars, those who invent the artificial mind will never pass over the curtain. They will never be happy and they will never comprehend the idea of Creation. There is nothing to oppose to the INSPIRATION of LIFE. It is sometimes hard to keep the inner light during the time of conflicts and suppression, but this is perhaps the part of the Design – to comprehend and to restore the connection with the Supreme and to bring this light to the society. The Image of a Man, which is formed right now as normal, will be basic for the future generations. Sometimes we think there are very few humane lighting bugs around us, but this is not true. There are many, and the true power belongs to those who are better ‘manifested in the reality’. A small brook sometimes grows into a big river transforming the fortunes of the many. Remember the largest European river Volga. It starts as a spring in Tver Region and turns to the powerful stream. This cannot be seen with a normal gaze. It is just the Mind, which can really embrace it and which can influence it. That’s why we have to understand the true meaning of the phrase ‘The Winner will Win’.

From contemplation to Creation and Co-Creation

We are all in God’s hands. There is a lot of meaning in these words, which tells us that we are open before the Heavens. If we understand our responsibility, we cannot lie, we cannot cheat, and we cannot take the wrong turning. This is not just a religious idea. It is social as well. We should do our best to live and behave as God tells us to. We must live as people, as humans: treat people, teach them, make bread, write music, play with children. In doing that we must remember that those we do it for have been created by God as well. This is some sort of categorizing – insiders or outsiders. Insiders always think of ‘us’, and ‘we’ are the whole our world. This is the size of our soul.
We have everything on our planet to live the respected life and thrive. We have adapted ourselves to the environment and even to bacteria and viruses. We live in the society; nature is no longer a threat to us. We have perfected our homes and created comfort. We have water and food. Why cannot we thrive? This is not even a weakness. It is necessary to acknowledge that we have to mature, and this is the process of Mind work. We cannot do that without comprehending the laws of Creation and of the Universe, and this is more than just learning quotations about life. Truth can be seen and understood in the simplest things. Our own development and comprehension of the knowledge, acquisition of the true inner supports. And exactly this is how the humane humankind can arise, which cannot be de-humanized and simplified up to mere consumers.

A Worthy Human

Our time is such that everything happens simultaneously. This is exactly the way a baby grows in the mother’s belly – all organs at once. Genes of thousands and thousands of our forefathers are present in each of us. We received their experience, their skills, their spiritual values to cope with this enormous responsibility – to preserve and save ourselves, our children, our loved ones, our motherland and God! Yes, the time has come not to ask but to give. It is the time to let the Supreme manifest itself through our Mind in this physical World! But how? Right now we act as a little girl on the ball, which is rolling and the girl just has to keep standing on it. Now we have to save the planet, which is rushing through the galaxy with the speed of thousands and thousands of kilometers per hour.... It is only our State, our Condition, which supports us. The ability to take off above the Earth, to strive getting beyond the horizon, to set priorities, which are higher than something local, and the ability to spread the wings of the Mind – this is what helps the New World to be born, where a Humane Human spreads the wings. Humanity, the ability to be Humane – this is what the World really is!